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Artist Spotlight: Theresa Gonzalez

Shearwater Gallery has a great selection of originals and prints by Seward artist Theresa Gonzalez. Theresa paints colorful, expressive portraits of Alaskan wildlife and scenery. Theresa strives to share her love of nature with others and is the owner/curator at Shearwater Gallery.

Theresa’s work can be found at Shearwater Gallery in Seward and The Art Shop Gallery in Homer AK. See even more on her personal website

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Artist Spotlight: Denise Ekstrand

You really otter see these!

The Sea Scream original watercolor

I just love Denise Ekstrand’s wonderful, whimsical takes on great art with an otterly Alaskan twist! Find Denise’s watercolor originals and plenty of delightful prints at the gallery. (I apologize for the bad lighting but never for the puns 🙂

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AK Native-made Jewelry

Shearwater gallery has a lovely selection of authentic Alaska Native-made jewelry. Here are a few of my favorites:

Elegant Baleen and walrus ivory earrings by George Wicher of Kodiak/Anchorage.
Carved Walrus ivory earrings by Ken Kiyutelluk of Shishmaref, AK.
Spotted seal, polar bear, and Wolverine earrings (and more) by Marilyn Kuzuguk of Shishmaref, AK.

Always insist on seeing the authenticity tags when purchasing Authentic Alaska Native-made products so you know that the ivory, baleen and other animal products were legally harvested by Alaska Native people. It is illegal to label any item Native-made or Indian-made if it is not made by a recognized tribe member.

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Artist Spotlight: Kassandra Mirosh

Kassandra Mirosh

Shearwater gallery is pleased as punch to represent Healy artist Kassandra Mirosh! Kassandra is a long-time Alaskan and finds herself endlessly inspired by Alaska’s beauty and the adaptations that allow animals to survive its harsh climate. When she isn’t busy in her studio, Kassandra teaches Art, English, and Spanish at Healy School in the Denali Borough.

Arctic Tern by Kassandra Mirosh

Come see Kassandra’s beautiful, detailed, and highly textural paper cut bird creations at the Gallery!

Harvest Moon Raven by Kassandra Mirosh

Kassandra creates her beautiful birds and more at Weyekin Studio in Healy, Alaska. Learn more about Kassandra and all of our artists on our About page.

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Give a Hoot!

Owl bet there is someone on your holiday list whoooo would love to find these in their stockings! Get these owl themed notecards and Lifelist birding notebooks and make a birder hoot with happiness!

Or how about finding these lovely fluff balls under the tree?

Baby Owls Waiting for Snow by Amanda Faith

Find these and more holiday gift ideas at Shearwater Gallery!