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Artist Spotlight: Marissa Fuchser

Shearwater Gallery is stoked to represent Seward emerging artist Marissa Fuchser!

Marissa’s work is largely inspired by the unique and beautiful forms and colors found in nature. This has translated to her most recent work in painting birds and other wildlife found in Alaska. She practiced wood sculpture and painting in art school and now works primarily in acrylic or gouache. She enjoys working with a variety of materials and testing the limits of each one.

As a resident of Seward, she enjoys living and working in Alaska’s stunning and unique landscape. She likes to take in the small moments and things people often miss and appreciate the little details that make up our surroundings. The shape of a bird’s wings, the way it moves in flight, or the colors that cause it to stand apart or blend in are things that can be hard to notice if you’re not looking for it.

Come see Marissa’s delicate, moody seabird portraits in acrylic and gouache at Shearwater Gallery today!

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